Art.-Nr. 78 EV E
Visor reserves, black, 28 x 28cm

Art.Nr. 78 EV E
Art. Nr. 79 BA E
Full-vision-glasses accdg. EN 166 with direct ventilation and anti-fog-glass.

Art.Nr. 79 BA E
Art.-Nr. 7800 IM E
Aprons made of imitation-leather with tapes, about 75 x 100 cm.

Art.Nr. 7800 IM E

  Art.-Nr. 78 RV E
Smoke mot, perforated and slitted, for sewing on by oneself.

Art.Nr. 78 RV E
Art.-Nr. 7902 IM E
Beekeeper's belt made of beef-leather with 5 pockets for various tools. (without tools).

Art.Nr. 7902 IM E

Art.-Nr. 78 GAM E
Gaiter, made of PVC.

Art.Nr. 78 GAM E